Monday, November 24, 2014

A Windy Day in Ann Arbor

I'm not sure what the wind speeds where in my neck of the woods but apparently winds were getting around 50 knots on Lake Erie.  It would have been a nice day to go to Marblehead or something to catch some wave action and perhaps a ship or two at anchor.  But alas, I had to work.
 Earlier in the morning, I wanted to get some weather shots but the sky wasn't quite dramatic enough.
 I had a little sheen of water on my favorite subject around the office.
 I didn't have my normal drips of water but they still look pretty cool.
 I did like the look of the leaves on the ground, especially with the layer of water on them.
 After lunch, the wind really started to pick up.  Fortunately we have some willow trees so I could show the effect.
And a little more drama in the sky.

I think it is supposed to be cold for the rest of the week though.

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