Sunday, November 9, 2014

Continuing on to South Haven

So then I decided to head north towards South Haven.  They have a pretty nice lighthouse there too.
 Well, another pier that I wasn't going to go walking down.  In fact, I got soaked here.  The water pretty much went up to my knees and the splash was a bit higher.
 But the lighthouse looked pretty cool.
 There were even some people enjoying the high winds.
 And water was pretty much going all the way down the pier.
 This was probably similar to one of the waves that caught me.
 still it looked pretty cool.
 And we even had a hint of blue sky here.
 The light came out just long enough to give a pretty cool picture.  The light shining off the windswept seas.
 And if the waves weren't bad enough, the wind was carrying mist over the pier.
 And the main reason I didn't go further up the pier.
But I was able to get some nice enough shots.
 More of the mist coming across.
And one more shot before moving on.

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