Saturday, November 1, 2014

Eastern Michigan Vs. Central Michigan Football

So I went to the Eastern Michigan game today.  Despite the sunny appearance of the pictures, it was pretty cold outside.  It was also pretty windy which made it feel much colder.
 A shot of the Eastern Michigan football helmet.  When I first saw this, I didn't really like it but I do like it now.  It seems that Eastern is going all in on the Factory theme.  If you notice the #2, that is in honor of Demarius Reed.
 Getting the touchdown cannon ready.  As it turns out, they didn't really need to do that.
 Swoop during the pregame stuff.
 The ROTC color guard bringing the colors out on the field.
 Another shot of them.
 The eagle landing on the field.
 They still did the wall thing today.  It almost seemed like one of the players may have hurt himself during this stunt.  I hope that some of the powers that be saw that and may reconsider this.  I like it but they should really try different bricks or something.
 Reggie Bell during his only series of the game.  It sounds like he took a nasty hit to the helmet, so they took him out as a precaution.
 Lavallii running roughshod over the Eagles.
 Bronson Hill finding an opening.
 Another Central running back finding daylight.
 Hunter Matt trying to find his way towards the quarterback.
 Rob Bolden during a run.
 This one was on the few bright spots of the game for Eastern.  They managed to block a punt and nearly got a touchdown out of it.  The final result was that they spotted the offense on the 6 yard line and the offense was finally able to score a touchdown.  But that was too little too late.
Swoop after the game.

Eastern ended up losing 38-7.  For as much as they looked competitive in last week's game, they didn't look it this week.  Despite the 38 points, the defense didn't look too bad.  They got a few key stops, an interception and the blocked punt.  Still, the offense looked terrible.  I'm pretty sure that Coach Creighton will be able to make things happen for next season. 

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