Wednesday, November 5, 2014

And the CSL Tadoussac Makes It Five

When I started boatwatching on Monday, I only thought I was going to see a couple ships.  As I got closer to Detroit, I realized that I would see more.
 Little did I realize that I would get a shot with four ships in it.  From left to right, the ship with the cranes is the Transhawk, then we have the CSL Tadoussac.  The Algoma Harvester is heading downbound and the Federal Sakura is facing us.  I don't think I've ever gotten a shot of four ships from this particular vantage point.
 The CSL Tadoussac get a little closer.  If you look at the waterline, you can see her saddle tanks.
 A better shot of her.
 I like the fact that she looks fairly modern but still has the classic laker look.
 A shot of her profile.
 Another shot of her profile.
 Her side profile gives her a pretty odd wake.
 She pulls away.
And I leave you with one more shot.

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