Sunday, November 23, 2014

And of Course Trains

Despite the stop in Toledo, I still ended up in Fostoria today.  As  I said, it was a nice enough day as temperatures nearly reached the 60's.  I think we are going to get back to colder weather later this week tough.
 It didn't take long for the first train to appear.  Sadly, I was out of position for it but I still had to get a picture because it's not often that you see a train being pulled by four engines.
 This is probably my favorite view in the park.  It's not often that you can get a straight on shot of a train without putting yourself in danger.
 The train continues on.
 One more shot of that engine.  I think that Norfolk Southern has one of the better logos out there.
 It seems like the bulk of trains that you see are CSX trains but for some reason, I love their color scheme.
 And the train heads up to Toledo.
 Underdog as graffiti.
 A train as graffiti.
 Looking south.  I don't think I realized that there was sort of a yard to the south.
 I knew about the yard to the east but I never really got a picture of it before.  I might have to figure out where I could get a better picture of it.
 But the number of trains don't give you time for that.  Here is a west bound CSX train.
 And shortly after that was an east bound CSX train.
 And the number 2 engine.  I kind of liked how weathered it looked.
 And it's not often you see a train pulled by five engines.
 With my light waning, I had time for one more train and this time it was a BNSF train heading from Toledo.  I think I saw this one waiting on the tracks on the way in.
An older BNSF paint scheme.

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