Thursday, November 13, 2014

IT........Has Returned

So as I was heading into work today, I was treated to something that I was hoping I wouldn't see for at least a couple more weeks....snow.  It was just a light dusting in my area but apparently it was enough to cause some issues in other areas.  Oh well, if it stays like this, I wont complain...much.
 But the nice thing about snow is that it makes for some nice pictures.  After I got settled at work, I decided to go out and get some pictures of the snow on the leaves.
 I think I liked this pile a little more.
 A little later in the afternoon, I heard what I thought was rain on the roof.  It turns out that it was sleet.  This of course led to one of those pictures that lead us to the conclusion that Michigan Weather is nuts.  Here you have snowing and blue sky in the same picture.  I'm honestly surprised there wasn't a little bit of rain mixed it.
 Fortunately, it was just a light dusting.
And here we have sun, blue skies and snow.  I think it is going to be an interesting winter.

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