Sunday, November 9, 2014

And Then There was the Grand Haven Light

It seems like I was just here not too long ago.  I was kind of hoping that this trip would yield the same results but I think it was too windy for the ships as they were hugging the Wisconsin coast.
 But that's cool.  Lighthouse shots are pretty cool.  They are even coolere when you've got a bit of weather in them.
 And in case you haven't had enough shots of an angry Lake Michigan.
 The waves here were pretty impressive.  In fact they were impressive enough that I saw some people surfing on them.
 The light was trying to make it's way out but not quite as much as I would have liked.
 But at least it wasn't chasing the wind away.
 For this lighthouse, the pier looked safe enough up to a point.  The water seemed to be staying away from this side.
 So I ventured out a little more.
 A least far enough to get a nice reflection shot.
 And another.
 And the spray of the water as it hits the pier.
 But I didn't want to venture much past this point as the water was sweeping over the lower portion of the pier.  Again, that's why they have the catwalk.
 I'd hate to see the weather when you need to use this catwalk as well.
 And just in case the sign didn't provide enough warning.
 This puddle was probably a couple inches deep.
 Another nice splash.
 the sun was really attempting to come out.
 Between the last picture and this one was when I took pictures of the train.  I was hoping to get pictures of a fantastic sunset but the clouds weren't cooperating.
 But as it was getting dark, I was able to bump the shutter speed down a bit.
 but I didn't have the right lens on, so I didn't get the effect I was looking for.
While I didn't get a spectacular sunset, this sky looked pretty cool.

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