Sunday, November 2, 2014

One Small Kitten to Carry On

I thought I would take a little longer to get a new cat but I needed the pitter patter of little kittie feet.
 So I introduce Chessie the Cat.  Well she's Chessie the Kitten for now but you get the point.  She was the reason why I didn't go out boatwatching today.
The other night I was at Petco looking at their adopting cats and they mentioned that the Planned Pethood folks would be there over the weekend.  Since I had the football game yesterday, I had to go check things out today.  I was pretty sure I was going to walk out with a cat but I wasn't sure which one.

Of all the cats I looked at, she responded immediately.  Plus she kind of looks like Zappa.  As I was holding her in the office kind of place, I told her that she has big paws to fill.  I realize that she will never replace Zappa because she's her own cat but she will help heal the hole that was left by his passing.

I look at her and I wonder how someone could abandon her.  She's a cutie.

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