Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Godzilla in Black and White

So I had one more day left in my black and white challenge on Facebook and I decided to do something slightly different.  I have a little Godzilla figure at work and I wanted to try some different pictures with it.  I was trying to create the look from the first movie.
 I seem to remember that he was lit from underneath, so I used my cellphone flashlight to provide the light.  As I looked at the ceiling, I really liked the look there.  I may have to try this with something else.
 So my first shot was from just below.  I kind of like it.  It almost looks like I'm taking a picture as he is stomping Tokyo.  I like the underlit effect.
 So then I tried some different angles.  This one is okay.  I guess I could be taking pictures as I fly by in my Sabre Jet.
 A shot of the full figure.  I probably should have turned some lights off so it was more of the light from the cellphone.  I still like the lighting.  And it almost looks like he is spewing his radioactive breathe.
 I think I really like this one though.
 Just another angle.
I may have to try some pictures in the style of film noir next.

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