Thursday, November 6, 2014

The F-14 Tomcat

Somebody on Facebook posted a picture of himself with an F-14 Tomcat.  Since I don't have access to an F-14 Tomcat, I did the next best thing.
 The F-14 is by far my favorite aircraft.  It was basically designed to carry the Phoenix missile but in that capacity it could engage six enemy aircraft at once.  I'm not sure how the Phoenix would have fared against fighter aircraft but I'm pretty sure it would chewed up any bombers that came the Tomcat's way.
This represents the D model of the Tomcat.  It had improved avionics but more importantly it had improved engines.  With these engines, it was a much better aircraft and could go toe to toe with any aircraft in the world.  Sadly, the Tomcat was retired in the early 2000's but I guess I can understand that decision.

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