Friday, November 14, 2014

The Saginaw Passing Detroit

So it didn't take long for the ship I waiting for to appear.  It was a good thing because the light was waning quickly.
 Fortunately, the light lingered around long enough for the Saginaw to pass.  Actually, I'm kind of glad it was around dusk because she had her lights on.
 She gets closer and with the Eye of Sauron in the background.
 I guess this isn't too bad of a spot because the background isn't quite as distracting.
 She gives me her profile.
 I kind of liked the sky in the background.  It looked pretty ominous.
 She passes by.
 And starts to get under the Ambassador Bridge.
 A better shot of the bridge.
And I kind of liked the full bridge with the ship under it.

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