Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Paper Train

I decided to head up to Port Huron today.  I was hoping to do a little boatwatching.  As it was, one of the ships I was hoping to catch was moving slower than normal, so I didn't get to catch her.  But I did catch a couple of other ships.  I also got a surprise.
 As I was going to my spot for boatwatching, I saw this train pulling out of the paper mill.  I know that it visits this spot fairly often but I've only caught it once before.
 I'll have to admit, it's pretty cool to get this close to a train.  The train is wearing Grand Trunk livery but that railroad was bought by the Canadian National a few years ago.  The Grand Trunk used to be fairly prominent in Michigan.
 An angle with the Blue Water Bridge in it.  Sadly, I was shooting almost directly into the sun.
 A shot of the cab.
 One more shot of the engine.
And it pulls back into the factory.

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