Monday, November 10, 2014

And the John J. Boland Makes Seven

Given that I was only expecting to catch a couple ships, I'm usually happy when I catch more than expected.
 If I remember correctly, the John J. Boland was making her way up from Toledo.  I was not expecting to catch her but I did.  She kind of snuck up on me as I was taking pictures of the Leitch.
 She makes for a nice shot even though she's a rear decker.
 I think American Steamship has one of the cooler looking stacks.
 And her wake looks pretty cool.
With the Leitch passing her by, I didn't get a chance to get too many pictures of her.

Like  I said, it was a pretty good day boatwatching.  Compound that with the fact I got to see some windy lighthouses, I had a pretty good weekend.

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