Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Stand of Trees

On Saturday, we decided to head up north.  For two reasons, one I wanted to and two I found out that at some point I made my 3000th post on this blog.  I kind of wish I would have saved that for something special but oh well.  It was a nice sunny day.
 Along the way, I had to stop at one of the rest areas.  I'm glad that with all the budget cuts of the past 10 years or so, Michigan decided to maintain its rest areas.  Granted, I could stop at a gas station or something on the side of the freeway but the rest area is much more convenient.  Just get off and get back on that easily.  This particular rest area is just south of Gaylord and is a pretty nice one.
 Of to one side is a nice stand of trees.  I was liking the way the light was hitting them, so I decided to take a picture.
 As much as I tried, I couldn't keep the table out of the frame but I still like the picture overall.
 Looking up at a group of trees.  I can see why they decided to make the white pine the state tree.  Admittedly, it has played a huge role in forming this state but it still looks pretty cool.
 Another angle of those trees.  I kind of wish I would have caught this picture a little sooner.
 Across the freeway was another stand of trees.
 Another angle of the trees.  I kind of like this one.
And one more picture before moving on.

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