Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random Boats on the River

As I got back to Milliken, it looked like there was some action there as I saw an ambulance and a couple police cars.  I looked over towards the river and I saw a coast guard boat.
 I didn't get there in time to catch pictures of the Coast Guard boat, but I did see the Detroit Police Boat coming in.  I think the last time I saw this one was when I was down a Riverside after the man fell from the bridge.
 I'll have to admit this was pretty cool to see but I didn't like the circumstances.
 I didn't stay much after these shots because I didn't really want to see a body being fished out.
 Which is what I think they were about to do here.
 One more shot....
And then I headed over to Belle Isle because I saw the Arthur M. Anderson on AIS.  As I was heading up the road, I saw this boat pass by the fishing dock.  It is the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Cove Isle.  Based on the crane at the front, I think it's a buoy tender.

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