Saturday, April 13, 2013

Random Pictures from the Day

Today I went wandering with a friend.  There was a gallery down in Detroit he wanted to check to put some of his photographs in.  It was in a part of Detroit I don't often wander to, so I got some pictures on the way.
 For some reason, I liked the name of this place.  So I had to take a picture of the sign.
 The Gallery is the one that says "Gallery".  It wasn't too bad of an area.  Near the parking garage for the Opera House and a couple of blocks from Comerica Park.
 Looking down Broadway.  I'm not sure what all the buildings are called though.
 A random piece of grafitti.
 Then we headed down to Milliken because I thought I had a chance to catch my favorite ship.  I didn't catch her but I caught this tug.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my bigger lens with me.
 The lense was fine for the Ren Cen though.
 Then we headed up to Port Huron because the author of "Know Your Ships" was doing a signing at the Maritime Center.  Just as we were in the parking lot, a ship was heading downbound but quickly out of view.  I did catch this commarant though.
It's been raining pretty steadily for the past week, so the rivers have been raised quite a bit.  I was hoping to get a picture of this swirl from the Black River, but it looked more impressive in person.
We didn't have much time to stick around because we were off to a Brazillian Steakhouse for his birthday.  It was pretty awesome and the food was good.

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