Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Radcliffe R. Latimer

There was one more ship to take pictures of before I headed back home.  Since she was a ship I hadn't see before, I decided to stick around.
 The Radcliffe R. Latimer began life as the Algobay.  She was born at the Collingwood Shipyard in 1977 after Algoma decided they needed a ship to support a contract from Ontario Hydro.
 She was built to a configuration that allowed her to run along the eastern seaboard if necessary.  Her bow was also designed in a way that allowed her to break the ice.
 Her original dimensions were 730 feet long by 75 feet wide.  She could carry almost 34,000 tons of cargo.  She was originally powered by two Pielstick Diesel Engines.  In 1978, she had a collision with the Italian ship Cielo Bianco which was being towed.  Later she collided with the Montrealais.
 In 1987, she was upgraded to allow her to work on the high seas. 
 In 2002, she entered long term layup.
 In 2009, she was towed to China for some radical reconstruction.
 A shot as she approaches Joe Louis.
After completion of construction, she was re-christened in 2012 as the Radcliffe R. Latimer after a former Algoma Chairman.

And that concluded my trip over into Canada.  I wish I could say me entry back into the United States was uneventful but it wasn't.  But that wont deter me from future trips to Canada.  I'm guessing that as I build up a profile things will get easier for me.

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