Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Looking at Detroit from a Foreign Land

I decided to stop in Windsor before heading back home.  I saw that one of my favorite ships would be passing by Detroit and I wanted a picture of her with the Detroit skyline as a backdrop.
 While  I was waiting, I figured I might as well take some shots of Detroit.
 Joe Louis Arena.
 A closeup of the poster on the side.
The Penobscot Building.  I love the architecture of Detroit's Buildings.  I have to believe that Detroit has one of the larger collections of Art Deco Buildings.
 But this is the Guardian Building.  It makes for a nice shot from Windsor.
 The Detroit Princess waiting at her dock.
 An overall view of the skyline.
 My favorite part of the Detroit skyline.
 A closer shot of that.
 The top of the old County Building.
 The top of the 150 Jefferson Building.
 The flag flying at half staff on top of the Guardian Building.
And a shot of the One Woodward Building.

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