Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Air France Airbus A340 Flies Over

I also like planes but there aren't too many good spots in the area for plane watching.  It is pretty developed around the airport and something tells me that they wouldn't take too kindly to someone taking pictures around there.  I think there may be a decent spot to the south of the airport and I may have to try it out some day.  So when I see a plane flying over, I try to get a picture of it.
 The plane in this case was an Air France Airbus A340.  The A340 is a four engined distance flyer and it can seat up to 375 passengers.
 The first flight in the series was in 1991 and there have been 377 built.
 It can fly from here to Europe.
And of course there are several different variants in the series.

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