Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Jerk Store Still Called

So the first place I stopped in Bay City was the cemetery.  I wanted to see if they actually cleaned up my grandparents' headstones.
 Well, based on the evidence, no they didn't.  But it does look like they laid boards down to try to at least sort of protect the graves but it doesn't look like they were wide enough to support the weight of whatever vehicle they were using.
 You can still see that the vehicle went off the boards in spot.  It also looks like they drove over headstones.
 This is one near my grandparent's stone.  You can see the mud on it.
 And the tracks over the headstone.
 And it doesn't look like they cleaned the service stone off at all.  I compared this to the prior picture and the only difference is that the mud is now dried.  I would have cleaned it off myself but the water was off.
 A nice impression of the board over the stone.
And one last picture.

My mom talked to me today and said that they at least have now cleaned off the stones.  I hope they are able to replant the grass and stuff.

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Matthew B. Gordon said...

"What's the difference, you're their all time best seller!"

That terrible about the gravestones. You should definitely contact the cemetery office, and even include a link to this post so they can see pictures of it.