Thursday, April 18, 2013

All This...But No Trains

I started to play trivia with a friend at the Corner Brewery in Depot Town.  Since it starts at 7:00, I decided to wander around Depot Town a little bit before heading over there.  I was hoping that I would catch the Wolverine that passes by Ypsi at around that time.
 On one side of Forest Street is an old grain elevator.  I'm not sure how long this has been over there but it is pretty neat.  I think at one time it was being used by Frog Island Beer which was a micro-brewery out of Ypsilanti but I'm not sure if they are around anymore.
 Based on this picture, I don't think they are.  Based on the faded 48 Star Flag, it has been abandoned for a while (well certainly not since there were 48 stars on the flag but still).  It still looks pretty cool.
 I kind of liked the way the vines were crawling up the grain silo.  I also kind of liked the way this picture turned out.
 A shot of the building in front.
 I've passed this railroad bridge a number of times but I never noticed the New York Central logo.  New York Central was the inheritor to the Michigan Central.  Now this bridge is owned by Norfolk Southern.
 Still no Wolverine.....
 I've passed by this building many times but I never really stopped to take pictures of it.  First of all, it's not a particularly interesting building.  In fact, I wish it still looked like the picture on their website because that was far more interesting.  It's amazing how many little tidbits I've found out about my now hometown since I've started this blog.
 On December 4th, 1901, three men with some money and a recent land donation formed what would become the Michigan Ladder Company.  One of the founders was named Melvin Lewis and he hand a patent for an extension ladder with an automatic locking catch that would set the standard for ladders.  Ladders are still produced here...some by hand and some by other means.
 A freight house...but still no Wolverine.
 Looking down the tracks.  There were a couple of times that I thought I heard the train whistle but I think my mind was wishing it was hearing the train whistle.
 Just in case you forgot where we were.  I think the bee looking things on the roof are some sort of wind thing.
And the abandoned depot.  Maybe some day passengers will depart this station for other destinations.  I know I would like to depart from this station.

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