Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revisiting Dexter

I've visited Dexter before, so I will spare you the details.  If you are interested however, go here.  I'll have to say that the variety of towns in Michigan is amazing.  I think that is a reflection of the diversity of groups that settled this state.  Couple that with the diversity of industries that were here at one time and it makes for a diverse group of towns.
 A sculpture of a heron.
 One of the things they are building in Dexter is a walkway along the Huron River.  Based on the signs, it is a continuation of the Border To Border Project of Washtenaw County.  At any rate, it is pretty neat that resources are being dedicated to this sort of thing.
 I really liked the way the water was flowing.  For these shots, I slowed the shutter speed down to give the illusion of motion.
I believe this used to be part of a dam but at some point it was taken down and we are left with a pseudo-waterfall.
 It is still cool though.
 And makes for cool pictures I think.

 I'm torn between this one....
 ...or this one.
 Some shots of downtown Dexter.
 A flowershop.
 Sadly, as I was taking some of these pictures, I was shooting into the sun.
 The pretty much standard Civil War statue.  Given where we are, this one would have worn blue though.
 Looking up at him.
 The vaunted Huron Camera store.
 A clock.
I kind of liked the view of this alley.

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