Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More Depot Town

I was meeting some people near Depot Town (more on that in the next post), so I decided to grab dinner at Sidetrack.  I had a little time, so I decided to do a little wandering.
 The freighthouse.
 A New York Central Caboose.
 A now faded tobacco advertisement.
 A not quite so faded Depot Town mural.
 Looking down Depot Town.
 One of the local businesses.
 Some of the buildings there.
 A moose at Sidetrack.
 A block of buildings.
 The former Hudson dealer.
 Probably one of my favorite shots in Depot Town.  As I have said on numerous occasions, I love transparent reflectives.  If I can get a neon sign in that, all the better.  It's even better when I can get a car that looks like a ghost.
 Another neon sign.
 Looking west towards Depot Town.  Sort of towards the middle is Ypsilanti's most famous landmark.
 Some Hudson signs.
 A couple more buildings.
 The railroad depot.
And because I didn't get enough grafitti on Saturday.

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