Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Visiting Port Huron

Since I had the day off on Friday, I decided to head up to Port Huron for a bit before heading up to my mom's for the weekend.  I found out that I ship I wanted to see would be passing by.  The husband of one of my facebook friend's is her Captain, so I figured I would get pictures of her.  While I was waiting, I figured I would take other pictures.
 The Algorail was still in layup in Sarnia.  I can't wait to see her out and about.
 The Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock as she sits in her dock.  I'm surprised she wasn't up north trying to clear out the ice up there.
 A shot of the Huron Lightship.  I kind of like this angle of her.  Can't wait to get my passport so that I can get another angle of her.
 The Blue Water Bridge.  This is a perfect picture showing why it's called that.
 This is a fishing boat belonging to Purdy Marine.
 As she pulls into her dock.
 Another shot of the Algorail.
Of course as a plane flew over, I had to get a picture, especially since I had the big lens on.
Sort of a shot of the Michipicoten.  I hope that I will catch her some time this season.  This is by far my favorite ship name.


Pater said...

The Blue Water Bridge photo is one that might interest Pure Michigan.

Matthew B. Gordon said...

I'M SO HOME SICK! I can't wait to see Port Huron again. Love the bridge picture!