Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beer With Bloggers

The thing I was going to was called "Beer With Bloggers".  It was a gathering of many of the bloggers in the area.  If I could remember some of those blogs, I would list them here.  But it was pretty neat to meet other bloggers.
 The event was held at the Corner Brewery which is a brew pub that was built out of a converted Motor Wheel Facility.  The truck above is a Mercedes Fire Truck but I'm not sure where it's from.
 Or for that matter why it's here.
If you like beer, you should check this place out.  They do an excellent job with the beer.  The food selection is not so great though.  My beverage of choice was a stout.

One of the bloggers I met was Damn Arbor.  He runs a pretty cool blog, somewhere in there is a link to some of the other bloggers that attended.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like fun! our confederation hasn't met this past winter . . . . maybe it'll happen with warmer weather.