Sunday, April 7, 2013

Return to the Dequindre Cut

After the Eastern Market, I returned to the Dequindre Cut to get back to my car.  It's amazing how some of the grafitti took on a different look from a different angle.  I know there is some artwork that does that but I never really noticed it before.
 So if you entered the Dequindre Cut from Gratiot, this is what it would look like.  Pretty much the same.  Because it was a train track, it's pretty straight and flat though which makes it perfect for biking or jogging.
 This is the part that hasn't quite been converted to a greenway.
 Another view of the first shot in this post.  As you see, it is pretty well maintained.
 More of the wall from the train.
 Another one of the overpasses.  Back in the day, this would have been trains instead of bikes.  In fact, there were places where it was quiet enough and I could still hear the train whistles.
 On the second pass, I noticed some grafitti that I didn't notice the first time.
 Of course there was varying quality.
 And the overpasses were in different stages of disrepair.  I'd imagine this was a street that didn't see as much use anymore.
 Another overpass.
 There were banners that mentioned the Detroit River Conservancy.  It's nice that there are groups like this that actually care about the city because it seems like all too often you only hear about the folks that want to take from the city.
 This was another piece that took on a different look from another angle.  I didn't notice the dragon head to the left the first time I saw it.
 I really like this face.
 And the Count.
 And sadly, there was some grafitti that was detiorated.  I guess even grafitti isn't forever.
 Another piling.
 Strewn along the way were these Emergency phones.
 This guy looks like the Vlassic bird.
 I just wanted a picture to show you the scope.
 Another piling.
 A view of the Ren Cen that I'd never seen before.
 And back to the Engine Works.
And one more shot.

I will definately take a walk down to the Cut again.  I think I would like to see what it looks like in the late spring or early summer because I think I saw some flower beds and stuff.  I will try to find out when Flower Day is at the Eastern Market and couple the two.  For the most part, I felt pretty safe on the Cut.