Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Frontenac Passes Port Huron

I wasn't sure if I would catch her or not, but the first ship I saw was the Frontenac.  She's a classic lake freighter owned by Canada Steamship Lines.  I hate to think of how much longer we will see ships like that.
 Here she is coming off Lake Huron.   It wierd, when I was up there last weekend, there wasn't any ice on the river and this past weekend there was a bunch.   But it makes for pretty neat pictures, so I'll take it.
 The park I was taking this pictures at gave me the chance to get headshots.  I kind of like this one with all the ice in the foreground.
 Another shot of the Blue Water Bridge, this time with a ship under it.
 The Frontenac gets closer and gives me another opportunity for a headshot.  This time a little tighter one, but you have to be quick.
 A fuller view of the Frontenac with Blue Water Bridge behind her.
 A shot of her bow and pilothouse.  This is probably my favorite view of her.
 Her deckhouse and the monstrousity of her self unloader.
 And she starts to move down the river.
One more shot of her.

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