Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Before I left Port Huron, I decided to head over to the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.  I kind of wish it was open because I would have liked to get pictures of one of the ships from the tower.
 She was constructed in 1829 and as such she is the oldest lighthouse in the State of Michigan.
 It looks like the restoration is complete and she looks nice again.  The tower itself stands 85 feet tall and the light can be seen 21 miles out on the water.
 A shot of the light and the keepers house.
 The same shot from another angle.
 Looking at the light from the front.
 Trying to look up at the light.  The park was still closed, so I couldn't get closer.
 A shot of just the keeper's house.  I think they are in the process of restoring some of the other buildings that used to be on this property.
 Just the tower.
And one more shot before heading out.

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