Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Algoma Transport at the Soo Locks

So we got back to the Locks with plenty of time to catch the next ship as she was entering.
 And that ship would be the Algoma Transport.  She is another repeat visitor to this blog.  So I'm not going to go into her details in this post.
 Well, I'll go into details of a different sort.  A shot of her pilothouse.  Again, a nice aspect of the Soo Locks is the fact that I can get closer shots than I can on the river.
 Her Algoma Central logo prominently displayed on her bow.  And her anchors.
 Another shot as she enters the lock.
 It almost looks like she wont fit but she does.  The MacArthur Lock has similar dimensions to the locks of the Welland Canal, so ships that pass through there can pass through it.  The larger ships have to use the Poe Lock, which is the next lock over.
 In case you forgot her name.
 Her bow markings which show how deep she is in the water.  If she were more loaded, you would see her down to the 24 to 26 markings.  Since she is upbound, she is not more loaded.
 Another shot of the anchor and logo.
 An almost full shot as she is in the locks.
 An even closer shot of her logo.
 Her forecastle.
 One of her cargo hatches.  I believe she is mostly used to carry iron ore.
 A shot of the pilot.
 Looking towards her bow again.
 A closeup of her self unloading boom.
 One of her crew members looking pretty intense.
 Another one not looking as intense.
 And another one.  I wonder if there is a way I can get these pictures to these guys.
 The Algoflag flying prominently.
 And she is leaving the locks.

I kind of wish I would have timed the process for entering and leaving the locks because it seems amazingly quick given the amount of water that has to enter the lock.  I suppose if I were bored, I could figure it out.

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Isaac said...

What's the biggest ship you've seen in the Mac Lock?