Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Great Republic at the Soo

So we arrived at the Soo Locks just in time to catch a ship as it just entered the MacArthur Lock.
 It turns out that the ship is the Great Republic.  One of the things with seeing these guys on the Detroit River is that I never get an idea of the scale of them.  I mean they look huge on the River but they look even larger as you are almost right up next to them.
 Unfortunately, I wasn't here soon enough to see her entering the locks and judging by the height, she would be just about ready to pass into Lake Superior.
 Since the Great Republic has appeared on this blog in the past, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for some detailed shots.  I believe this portion would be called the forecastle.
 One of several cargo hatches.
 A hint of one of her previous owners - the American Steamship Company.  She still sports the colors of those previous owners.
 Another shot of the front of the ship.

 As she is leaving.  Since the MacArthur lock is so close to the observation platform, you get a really good idea of the size of these ships.  Even though the Great Republic is a smaller ship.
 Looking up at the pilothouse.
 The pilothouse from the side.
 As she leaves the lock.
 Clearing the gate and heading on to Lake Superior.

 One last shot.
One of the other advantages of taking pictures at the Soo Locks is that you get a glimpse of the people that man these vessels.  Given his stance, I would guess this person doesn't have much to do while the ship is passing through the lock.  Sometimes, I think it would be cool to be in his position.

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