Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Odds and Ends Around the Detroit River

The nice thing about the Detroit River is that you don't know what you are going to see sometimes.
 Well, sometimes it's a certainty that you will see the moon there.  Or is it a space station?
 Occasionally you will see general aviation aircraft, although I don't know what kind this is.
 If the conditions are right, you will see planes from either Detroit Metro or the airport near Windsor.  I believe this is an Airbus 319 or 320.
 A couple weeks ago, I saw Yankee Lady which is the Yankee Air Force B-17.  Tonight I saw the Yankee Warrior, which is their B-25.
 The B-25 Mitchell Bomber is famous for the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo in April 1942.  The Doolittle Raiders trained to take off from aircraft carriers, which was a pretty tough task.  They didn't inflict heavy damage on Tokyo but they did strike a moral victory for a nation which was short of those.
 I believe this is a Robinson helicopter.
 I see a few of these around California.
 The Border Patrol boat.
And the Coast Guard heading somewhere.

Well, I will be heading up to the Soo Locks for Engineer's Day and I can't wait.

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