Friday, June 22, 2012

The Ann Arbor Railroad Again....

I was hoping to go boatwatching tonight.  The weather was fairly nice and it seemed like there would be a couple of interesting ships coming down.  Then I heard that US-23 was closed which meant that I-94 would be a bear too.  So I scrapped that idea and decided to cook dinner tonight.
 If I go to the supermarket, I usually take a route that takes me to a spot where the Ann Arbor Railroad has a sort of railyard.  It seems that lately the trains haven't stopped there but tonight was different.
 I've posted about the Ann Arbor Railroad in the past.  I think the only thing it shares with its predecessor of the same name is the name and maybe some of the routes.  At one time the Ann Arbor Railroad stretched from south of Toledo to Frankfort where it would use ferries to get into Wisconsin.
 The original Ann Arbor Railroad went out of business in 1976.
 The current Ann Arbor Railroad started up in 1988 as a shortline railroad.  It doesn't have nearly the amount of railroad the old one had.  I think it mostly goes from just north of Ann Arbor to just south of Toledo and mostly serves some of the manufacturing plants in the area.
 Oh well, it was still cool to see some trains.  I would have liked to get some other pictures but the engine was making some funny noises, so I didn't get too close.
 Looking up at the cab.
 I think both of these engines come from the Union Pacific and they look like they are sporting a new paint job from the last time I saw them.
 Just an odd angle of the engine.
I was trying to get the full line of cars in the back....I don't think I succeeded.
And one last shot before I left.  Like I said, it was pretty cool to see the engines there for a change but they were on the opposite side I'm used to seeing them.  I think that is because they were carrying railcars this time.

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