Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wandering Around New York City

The next series of pictures is from my wandering around New York City.  I apologize for the number of pictures in this post but I wanted to get all of them in one post.  One of the things that strikes me about New York City is the diversity.  You've got different types of buildings but they span over a couple hundred years.
 As I reached the Staten Island station, I saw this map and I had to have a picture of it.
 Part of the Manhattan skyline from the ferry.
 I think the hot dog stand pretty much screams New York city.
 Looking at a building through the Staten Island sign.
 I think this is the Robbins Reef Lighthouse in front of the Statue of Liberty.
 A shot of the Statue of Liberty.
 The subway doors as we pass out of the station.
 A passing subway.
 I forget which Church this is.
 A detail on one of the buildings near the World Trade Center.
 A police officer directing traffic.
 I think this is the Woolworth Building.
 The man who urged young men to head west.  I think he also convinced Virginia there is a Santa Claus.
 Details on another building.
 I think this is the New York City main courthouse.
 A statue on that building.
 Detail above the entrance.
 A shot of the Woolworth Building and New World Trade Center building.
 I'm not sure what building this is.
 Looking at the Brooklyn Bridge.
 Moving closer to the center of the bridge.
 Looking up at the tower.
 A shot of the other side.
 A shot of Midtown Manhattan from the Bridge.
 A shot pulled out.
 Lower Manhattan.
 Looking up at the tower.
 Another view of lower Manhattan.
 I'm not sure what building this is.
 The tower of New York City Hall.
 A fountain near City Hall.
 Going down Broadway is pretty cool because they show all the things they had ticker tape parades for.
 The New World Trade Center building.
 Detail on one of the buildings.
 A statue of George Washington near Wall Street.
 The New York Stock Exchange.
 The bull statue near Wall Street.
 A statue on a building near Battery Park.
 Another statue there.
 A third statue.
 Heading back on the subway.  It's amazing how crowded they get.
 Near Times Square.
 Looking away from Times Square.
 Looking up at a Building.
 Times Square.
 Another view of Times Square.  I'm not sure I liked Times Square.  There were way too many people.
 One more shot of Times Square.
 Looking up at another building.
 I'm not sure which street this was.
 An apeless Empire State Building.
The Hotel Pennsylvania across the street from Penn Station.

So that was my whirlwind tour of New York City.  I know that I only scratched the surface of the city though.

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