Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last Ship of the Day...the Calumet

So my last ship of the day was the Calumet.  I wasn't sure if she was a ship that has appeared on this blog before or not.  I was pretty sure she was but I couldn't find her when I tried to search for her.  Turns out she was one of the first ships I took pictures of when I started to get more serious about shipwatching.

I wasn't sure if I was going to stick around for her but since I wasn't sure if I had taken pictures of her before, I decided to wait to get her pictures.
 I think my ship pcitures have gotten better since then.  Although I wish the light were more like the light in the link.  I really like that early morning light.
I guess the light wasn't too bad though.  Since I wasn't sure if she had been on here before, I didn't do too many detailed shots.
 Well, a detailed shot of her bow.
 An almost detailed shot of her pilothouse.  She looks similar to her fleetmates Manitiwoc and Robert Pierson.
 The almost straight on shot.
 And the straight out shot.  One of the things I like about Milliken is that there is a spot where the background isn't quite so cluttered.
 Her pilothouse.
 One more shot of her pilothouse.
 As she heads down the river.
 I wanted to wait for a less cluttered background shot.  This was the best I can get looking down river.
 One more closeup of her pilothouse.
And a last shot before she heads off.

So in the span of three hours, that was six ships for me.  I think that may be a record for me on the Detroit River.  If I had gotten down there sooner, I could have caught a couple more (one of which would have been the Blough).  I think if I had gone to Belanger or Del Ray, I could have caught a couple of docked ships.  Oh was a pretty nice day for shipwatching though.


Isaac said...

Ah, it's always god to be setting personal records! 6 in 3 hours becomes two per hour...

Isaac said...

I meant "good"