Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wandering Around the Diag

Since I was around the Diag anyway, I figured I would wander around a bit and get some other pictures.
 This structure has never been on this blog before....just kidding.  It is the Burton Memorial Tower and has been here several times, but I can never grow tired of it.  I was trying a slight bit of framing shot with it.
 The pretty much standard shot of the tower.
 Looking up at the tower.
 The fish in the fountain near the Bell Tower.  I wish I could remember what this fountain is called.
 Ah well, it is a pretty cool fountain.
 Some of the other fish.
 And the fountain itself.
 Looking at the Bell Tower from a different angle.  I kind of like these reaching into the sky looks.
 One of several squirrels that dot the diag.
 Same squirrel.  I think he thought I had food.
 The spires of the West Engineering Building.
 A closeup of one of those spires.
 Looking up and showing the ivy crawling up the wall.  I really like the look of these spires.
Another attempt at a transparent reflective.

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