Sunday, June 3, 2012

Riding the Wolverine

I wonder if doing something three years in a row counts as a tradition.  At any rate, this is now my third year in a row of taking a train trip and after two years of heading out West I decided to head out to the East.  Heading to the east from my neck of the woods is not an easy proposition though.  I either have to drive down to Toledo to catch the eastbound train from there, take a bus from the Ann Arbor station or take the train to Chicago and double back.  I opted for the last option because of the times the trains pass Toledo and I'd rather be on the train than getting on the train at those times.
 The anticipation builds up as I wait for the train to come in.
Just in case I didn't realize where I was.
 The train wraps around the bend and approaches the station.  It's actually kind of cool.
 It's even cooler as it comes into the station because you hear the ringing of the bell and it makes you think of the days of steam engines.
 And then you get to hear, "All Aboard".  Really takes you back.
 I think the tracks have been upgraded, so the train was moving a little faster than normal.  At any rate, this is Barton Pond.
 I liked the look of the clouds overhead but they were messing with my shutter speeds.
 A nice modern station in Battle Creek.  I kind of wish this would happen in Ann Arbor.
 A shot of Battle Creek.
 The old Michigan City Lighthouse.
 And the new one.  It almost reminds me of the one in St. Joseph.
 One of the reasons I like to take the train is because I can see other trains.  Since Chicago is still a major rail hub, there are lots of them to see.
 You can kind of see the pilothouse of the Mesabi Miner peeking out.  I wasn't quick enough to get a better shot of her.
 A bunch of train cars.
 I really like this style of railroad bridge.
 Another train engine.
 This is probably my favorite view of Chicago, even on a Saturday the freeways are pretty busy.
 Another view of Chicago.
 Passing by the bridge leading into Union Station.
 I kind of wish this train were out more because she is wearing one of the 40th Anniversary paint schemes.
And the Wolverine having made its delivery gets a slight rest.

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Ben Connor Barrie said...

I love riding the Wolverine. I feel like you get these fleeting glimpses of people's backyards as you go between Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo.