Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Evening With Action Jackson

So I decided to head back down to the River after work.   I saw that the Herbert C. Jackson would be making her way downriver.  Since she's a classic laker, I figured I would try to get pictures of her.  She's a repeat visitor.
So here she is sneaking around Belle Isle.  It is still a shame to watch a grown ship having to sneak around but how else do they not get avoided?
She's still a ways out but probably at full steam.
She's coming a little closer.
Almost filling my frame.  Unfortunately, my big lens is not happy at some focal lengths.  I am pretty sure I will have to get it looked at some day.
Fortunately, my other lenses are just fine.
Here she is getting a little closer....
And a little closer yet....No wait.  She appears to be turning around.  That is not something I often see on the River.
Definately, turning around.  It seems that ships were backed up in the Rouge River, so she had to wait.
Which was just fine by me, since I got a chance to take some pictures of angles that I don't normally get.
I think the light was hitting her better at this angle as well.
Almost fully turned around.
A shot of her bow and pilothouse.
A closeup of her pilothouse.
Bow and anchor.
Her smokestack.  Reading the above link, she has a hometown connection because her engine was changed at Defoe Shipyard.
Even closer shot of her smokestack.
As she was waiting patiently, the Joseph Thompson was not waiting so patiently...Or she was being eaten...One of the two.
I vote for eaten.
Oops...doesn't taste so good.
A shot of her stern.
Looking at the backside of her pilothouse.
Every so often, I would see smoke coming out of the stack.  I thought that maybe she would turn around again and continue on her way.
Not to be I guess.
And one last shot of her before leaving for the evening.

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