Sunday, June 24, 2012

Odd Things on the Freeway

My mom and I decided to head up to the Upper Peninsula yesterday and it was a nice day to do so.  Not too hot and the weather didn't look threatening.  We were thinking of heading over to Crisp Point (and we probably should have) but more on that later.
 As we were heading up I-75, I started to notice some old cars.  It's not terribly unusual to see one or two old cars over such a distance.  It's a little more unusual to see a string of them.  As I saw a few more, I decided to snap some pictures of them.  Now, I'm not a car guy, so I have no idea what any of these cars are.  But I do kind of like older cars, soooo......It's even cooler to see them in their element.
 Well, it turns out that these cars are part of something called the Great Race.  From what I can tell, it sounds like it is a rally of some sort, so timing and navigation is more important than speed.  It sounds like this iteration started in 1983 and it also sounds like they've done some cool things with it.
 This year's race started in Traverse City yesterday and is going to go through Canada to Buffalo and then back to Dearborn.  It sounds like the race is only open to older cars and from the looks of the one above, the older the better.
The race is supposed to end on July 1.  For some reason, all of this made me think of the Cannon Ball Run and I suspect that is what this is based on.

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