Monday, June 4, 2012

Riding the Capitol Limited

So the next leg of my journey was the Capitol Limited.  Through Illinois it pretty much follows the same route as the Wolverine and then it veers off to go to South Bend and continues on through northern Ohio to Pittsburgh.  The route between Pittsburgh and Washington D.C. pretty much follows the old Baltimore and Ohio Capitol Limited route.

One of the things I like about Amtrak is the fact that they try to mimic the traditional rail routes as much as possible.  It gives me a greater connection with history than many other things.  And I think this route is one of the older routes in the country.
 I'm not sure if this was the train that I was riding as I took this picture much earlier in the day.  At any rate, it would be a similar configuration using the Superliner cars that are common on the distance routes.
 As we pull out of Union Station, we pass by the Amtrak Yards in Chicago.  As a train nut, this is pretty cool because I get to see quite a few engines.  It's not as cool as passing some of other railyards because Amtrak has a great deal of uniformity with their engines.
 Passing by the river.  I took this picture because of the tugboat.
 My favorite scene of the Chicago Skyline.  Even at 6 P.M. on a Saturday, the freeways are fairly busy.
 Passing by the railyards near Gary.  Unfortunately, it didn't stay light much longer than this, so I don't have too many more pictures.  It would have been nice to take a couple because in Elkhart there is the New York Central Museum.
 The next morning was fog shrouded and it made for some cool pictures as we were going through the mountains of Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Western Maryland.  I think this is the Younghiogheny River through Pennsylvania.  On the opposite bank is the Great Allegheny Passage which allows you to either hike or bike from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.
 The River continues.  At some point I though the fog would lift but it didn't.  That was fine with me because it made for better pictures.
 Passing farmland is pretty constant.
 I'm not sure what River this is.
 I think this was Western Maryland.  The territory was vaguely familiar because of trips that I've taken in the past.
 Then we hit Cumberland, Maryland.  This was definately familiar to me.
 I remember driving down this street.
 The CSX railyard that I took pictures of last year.
 If I remember correctly, this is the headwaters of the Potomac River.
 This is the Martinsburg, West Virginia Railroad Station.  I believe it is one of the oldest stations still in use.  Part of it is an old hotel.  This station has witnessed a good chunk of history as Stonewall Jackson destroyed the B&O roundhouse across the rails.
 The freighthouse at Martinsburg.
 A pretty typical house in the area.
 The Capitol Limited also passes through Harpers Ferry.  Harpers Ferry was the site of the insurrection led by John Brown.  It also saw heavy fighting through the Civil War as it was an important rail and river junction.  It was also the site of the Federal Arsenal.
 Another house in Harpers Ferry.
An old rail bridge just outside of Harpers Ferry.  I believe the trail is part of this bridge.

There weren't too many more pictures of note between Harpers Ferry and Washington D.C.  The timing on this route seems pretty good as you hit the beautiful parts of Pennsylvania and the rest in daylight.  I really like that Amtrak pays attention that stuff.

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