Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ships in New York Harbor

The main reason for me to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry was a chance to see what tugster calls the Sixth Boro.  As everyone knows, New York City is officially divided into five boroughs:  Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.  Tugster coined the Sixth Boro to cover stuff that happens on the water.  After meeting him last fall, I kept on his blog and wanted to see the harbor because the ships are different than what comes down the Detroit River.

What I didn't realize was the variety of ships that I would see in one day.  A good day for me on the Detroit River is when I see 4 ships.  A great day would be seeing more than that.  That number would barely scratch the surface in New York.  Normally, I would go into the histories of the ships but there isn't a good repository for the salties, so I will mostly let the pictures speak for themselves.
 First up is the tug Sea Bear pushing a barge of some sort.
 This tug and barge combination is similar to one I've see on the Detroit River a few times.
 Next up is the Angistri.  I think she is being lightened by the barge to the left of her.
 The Nou Nou, which is a ship of Greek Registry.
 Another shot of the Angistri.
 Another shot of the Nou Nou.
 This is a ship that carries waste matter from the sewage plant.
 I'm not sure what kind of ship this is but it looks like a trawler.
 I'm not sure what tug this is.  After seeing the number of tugs on the water, I can appreciate why tugster would be mostly interested in those.  The white sheet on the bow is so she can push ships where appearance matters.
 I think this is a ship owned by Maersk.
 The Atlantic Express.
 The Sea Voyager.
 After the ships left from Fleet Week, normal traffic was allowed to come into the harbor.  This is the container ship Caracas.
 Two ships about to pass each other.
 Details of the Nou Nou.
 I kind of like the use of Greek letters on the back.
 The US Coast Guard Cutter Sturgeon Bay passes the Statue of Liberty.
 And she passes our ferry.
 The Freddie K. Miller lending a hand to a barge.
 The Opelin.
 The Kurosho Express.
 The Opal Express.  One of the things that I like about the ships I saw in New York Harbor was the variety of colors.  It seems like the lakers are different shades of red.
 A sail ship.
The US Park Police Boat.

So now that I've seen the Sixth Boro, I would like to come back some day.

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Isaac said...

The tug in the second photo is Gulf Service. The McAllister tug is McAllister Responder.