Saturday, June 16, 2012

It is Not A Balloon...It is a Blimp

So I decided to head out for some boatwatching.  Well actually, I ended up taking a tour on a boat but more about that later.  As I was passing by Willow Run Airport, I noticed a vessel doing lazy circles around the airfield.  The sight of a blimp is unmistakable.
 Although I couldn't tell from the picture but I looked it up on the webpage, this is the Spirit of Goodyear Blimp based out of Akron, OH.
 The Spirit of Goodyear was launched in 2000 and christened by Sally Ride (the first female Astronaut).
 It was kind of cool to watch because it was going through its paces over Willow Run.  I guess even blimp pilots need practice.
 Doing lazy circles, almost as if it were at the races.
 Sort of a view of the display.
And the blimp heading towards me.

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