Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Adam E. Cornelius

Shortly after we arrived at the Lighthouse, I could swear that I heard a ship coming up. And sure enough, there was one. Turns out she was the Adam E. Cornelius and also turns out she is making her debut on this blog.
She was built in 1973 by the American Ship Building Company in Toledo, Ohio. She was originally named the Roger M. Kyes. She is 680 feet long and can carry 29,200 tons of cargo.
She's had a few incidents giving her a reputation as a "hard luck" ship. She's run aground, hit an overpass and various other things.
I kind of like this shot through the colored trees.
Heading off to somewhere.

The shot to give you an idea just how vast the Lakes are.
One using the telephoto. She carries various cargos. I'm guessing she is heading to Duluth.

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