Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tony Packo's

Last weekend was a pretty full weekend. On Friday, I decided to take a half day for boatwatching. Those pictures are already posted. On Saturday, I was going down to Toledo in order to take pictures at the Eastern Michigan Vs. Toledo game. After that, I headed up north with a friend of mine. I already posted the picture of me crossing into enemy territory, so we'll start after that point.

Since I was going to be in Toledo anyway, I decided to grab lunch at Tony Packo's. It is a pretty decent restaurant and has unique tasting hot dogs. Well actually, they are a Hungarian sausage and kind of like kielbasa.
The main restaurant was opened in 1932 with a $100 loan. At the time, they only served sandwiches and ice cream. At some point, chili was added to the sausage sandwich.
Since Jamie Farr of MASH fame was from Toledo, he mentioned the restaurant a few times which gave it a bit of notoriety. It is also famous for the signed buns that line the walls.
A bowl of the chili. The chili has a distinct flavor because I think they use paprika as one of the spices.
And the signature hot dog. Yum.
I didn't eat at the original restaurant though because this one was on the way to the Glass Bowl.

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