Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge

Since I wasn't driving, I had another chance to take pictures of the Bridge as I was crossing. And since my friend has a sunroof, I had a chance to get a picture that I've been wanting for a long time.
The first part of the Bridge as you head north. The light was still pretty interesting.
And the shot I've been waiting a long time for...Looking up at the towers. I might have to do the Bridge Walk next year so that I can get a better version of this.
This shot was taken as we were heading back from the Upper Pennisula, it was approaching dusk so I had similar lighting.
I kind of like how the cables lead into the shot.

Another shot of looking up at the tower. I think I like this one a little better.
I had my camera set on repeat mode, so I have a sequence of these. I may post them all at some date.

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