Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eastern Michigan Vs. Toledo - Pre-Game

I made it to the Glass Bowl which is kind of in the middle of the University of Toledo Campus. The Glass Bowl was built in 1936 as a Works Progress Administration Project and was originally known as University Stadium. It has been renovated several times since then with the latest addition being a press box and luxury suites. The stadium looked kind of cool but not as cool as the Big House.A view from the Press Box. First I had to pick up my press pass at the Will Call window and then I had to go up to the Press Box to get a Media Pass for my sideline access. It seemed kind of silly if you ask me. The view was kind of nice but not as nice as the view I would be getting shortly.
Down on the field where I was watching the Eagles practice for a bit. Here they are in a pump up session.
I think this is Jeremy Curry making a catch.
The coach Ron English.
Javonti Greene who is having a pretty good season with the absence of Sherrer.
Scott Cordale making a catch during the practice session.
The Eagles huddling before going into the tunnel.
The Toledo Marching Band taking the field. They weren't too bad.
I kind of liked how the stadium looked in this tuba.
And Swoop.
Another shot of the band.
Ron English gathering the team before they rush out onto the field.
Some of the Toledo players running out onto the field. They had a banner that was similar to the banner at the Big House but none of the players jumped up to touch. What's the point of having a banner like that if you aren't going to touch it?
A shot of the tubas.
And the coin toss.

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