Monday, October 31, 2011

The Guardian Building

Many people when they think of Detroit will mention all the decaying buildings and neighborhoods.  Sadly there is much of that but there are also some buildings that managed to escape the ravages of time.  One of them was the Guardian Building.
In the 1940's, the Guardian Building would be one of the crown jewels of the "Arsenal of Democracy", it was where much of the factory planning that would win the war was done.  It was also used as a bank.  It is a pretty good example of Art Deco Architecture.
At one time, it was nicknamed the Cathedral of Finance and if you walked in, you could see why.  There are the arched ceiling and even some religious overtones.
One of the entryways has a very neat colored ceiling.
At one end of the hallway is a nice map of Michigan.  It could almost be like a crucifix.
Looking at the other end of the hallway.
Looking at the brass clock.
Looking up at that clock.
Looking at the entryway from another angle.
The outside of the building is just as nice.
The building is now used for the Wayne County offices.  It's kind of a shame that it is off the tax roles but I guess anything to preserve it.

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