Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eastern Michigan Vs. Central Michigan - The Game

I'm not about to do a recap of the game because there is a much better one here. I will however post my pictures from the game with some comments about what was going on at that point in the game. Temperature wise it wasn't too bad of a day but a little on the cloudy side and a lot on the windy side. I think that had an impact on the game.Central's Quarterback throwing a lateral to one of the running backs.
Paris Cotton taking that lateral and running with it. I think Central used about three different running backs during the game.
Ryan Radcliff about to make a pass as the line holds off the EMU defenders.
Kody Fulkerson attempting one of two field goals. I think the wind had an adverse affect on this part of the game.
Ryan Radcliff taking the snap.
Courtney Williams attempting to run with the ball after a catch. He is in the process of getting tackled by one of the Eastern players.
One of Central's other running backs, Tim Phillips running with the ball. Compared to the other guys, he seemed to be a bit on the small side.
David Harman making a field goal. Central would take a quick lead after two field goals.
A couple of the Central fans. I would have to say that for the most part, their fans weren't terribly annoying. Nothing like the "First down bitches" that I heard in Toledo. They were miffed at a couple calls though but that is to be expected.
Titus Davis after a catch.
Ryan Radcliff in the process of getting a pass off as he is getting tackled by one of the Eastern players (can't tell the number though).
Dominique White during a long run. I think he got around to the CMU 40 or so. He ended up having a good day.
Central's Cody Wilson getting tackled by Willie Williams after a catch. Central seemed to be passing the ball at will during the game.
Central's Anthony Garland during a run.
A stiff arm.
Central's band playing at halftime. At the half, it was EMU 7-CMU 6. Eastern had a chance to put more points on the board but decided to go conservative.
Eastern taking the field after halftime.
One of the Eastern fans that made the trek to the game. There were quite a few that made it. I think there were more here than in Toledo. At some points in the game, I could hear them.
Corey Welch running the ball back after a kickoff.
Javonti Greene running the ball in for a touchdown.
Garland during another run. The Central running game didn't seem that effective though.
Titus Davis getting tackled after he fumbled the kickoff. Central would start around the 6 yard line on this drive.
A pair of Chippewa fans. Evidently, H and P decided to stay home.
Nate Paopao running the ball back after a blocked punt.
I think this is Javonti Green running in another touchdown but I don't remember.
Courtney Williams getting tackled by Herb Waits.
Ryan Radcliff handing the ball off again.
Radcliff passing as the Central blockers hold off the Eastern defense.
Javonti Green during another run. He had a pretty good day as well.
Alex Gillett during a pass. He had a decent day passing but he had a better day running as you will see shortly.
I think this was when Central either tied it up or was within a touchdown. I thought that EMU would be content with that and go into overtime.
Tim Phillips running the ball again.
Trey Hunter getting mugged.
Alex Gillett runing the game winning touchdown in. It was a pretty sweet run as he was pretty much untouched as he ran to the endzone. I didn't think EMU had it in them to play to win rather than not to lose.
The celebration in the endzone. The Eastern defense would hold (barely) Central to secure the win. The sad part is that Eastern had a 15 point lead and shouldn't have needed Gillett's heroics but a win is a win.

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