Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eastern Michigan Vs. Toledo - The Game

So now onto the shots of the game. I really thought that Eastern had a chance in this game. They looked really good against Alabama State and Howard. They didn't look too bad against Michigan. I didn't see the Penn State game, so I don't know how they looked in that game. They didn't look too bad against Akron but there were some flaws but I thought with some work, they could overcome that. I realize that Toledo is probably the team to beat but still, I thought Eastern had a chance.

We'll see.
Bernard Reedy running with the ball after a catch. Toledo was running a spread offense and was doing it pretty well. Taikwon Paige catching a punt. Eastern punted quite a few times.
I think this is Morgan Williams running with the ball. He had a pretty good day.
Here he is about to get tackled after a pretty significant run. One of the annoying things about Toledo was some fans would shout, "First Down Bitch" after every First Down. Way to show some class.
The Cheerleaders doing pushups after a touchdown. They didn't continue during the game though.
Marlon Pollard lining up before the snap.
I think this is Williams on a run.
One of Toledo's two quarterbacks, Terrance Owens.
The Toledo Running Back getting tackled.
One of the few times that Eastern went deep. Unfortunately Gillett seemed to be passing to Tacopants.
Cordale Scott running back a kickoff return for a touchdown. Although this isn't were things got ugly.
Corey Welch catching a ball after a pass. If Eastern wants to have a shot at winning the MAC they need to do this more often.
Gillett during a pretty sweet run.
Javonti Greene making a cut.
Kody Fulkerson making a field goal. This would be Eastern's first score.
Garret Hoskins running with the ball after a catch. For the life of me, I don't understand why Eastern doesn't pass the ball more often. It seems like they need to open up the field a little more than they do.
Alex Gillett during a pass play.
The Toledo Running Back being brought down.
Toledo's other quarterback making a pass. I think this one went in for a touchdown.
Some of the fans that traveled down US-23 to cheer on their Eagles.
One of the Toledo players intercepting the pass.
Another Toledo player bobbling the punt.Toledo's Quarterback making signals to his team.
Another run by Williams.
Dantin passing for another touchdown.
One of Eastern's cheerleaders coming in for a landing.
Ryan Brumfeld during a long run......
....that was called back for holding. We saw this far too often during the game. I don't know how many false starts and other penalties Eastern had, but it was alot.
Lined up at the line of scrimmage.
White punching the ball in. At this point, the game wasn't too far out of reach, until Eastern flubbed the extra point and Toledo ran it back for 2 points.
During this extra point, I think.
Some of the Toledo fans.
Another of Toledo's running backs.
Tyler Benz coming into the game after it seemed to be out of reach. I wonder if we will see more of him in the future.
Another Toledo run....
The Rockets would end up winning 54-16. Blah.

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