Friday, October 7, 2011

And Once Again...The J.W. Westcott II

Riverside Park is definately my favorite place to go boatwatching. It's not a particularly nice park but with some love it could be. What attracts me to it is the fact that I can see the J.W. Westcott go about it's business. It is pretty neat.
The boat heading out to one of the ships from today.
At the side of one of the ships.
Heading back.
I think they had a camera crew filming today. I was going to see if I could hitch a ride today until I saw this. Color me jealous.
I'm not sure which ship she is pulling away from.
A closeup of the crew area.


Anonymous said...

I just love all your pictures. thank you for sharing them with all of us. And it was great meeting you at Riverside Park.

barbarastroud said...

Great photos!!