Saturday, October 22, 2011

Western Michigan Vs. Eastern Michigan - The Game

So here are my shots from the game.  When I started doing shots from the field, I remember asking a couple other photographers for some advice.  They pretty much told me that the shots would be much tougher but more than rewarding.  Now that I've done a few games, I tend to agree with them but it does seem a little easier now.  I guess I'm getting used to seeing the games from this angle and I am starting to anticipate things a little more.  I am still trying to get a shot of a pass being caught though, I guess with time that will come.

I'm not going to breakdown the game here because you can get a much better version of that here.  So here are the pictures.
Mike Yocum as he delivers the opening kickoff.  It still seems like one of the bright spots of Eastern this year has been the play of their special teams.  For the most part, it's been on the money.
Western Michigan Running Back Brian Fields during a run.  Eastern managed to hold Western to 131 yards rushing today.
It seemed like Western's punter was keeping busy during the game.
Alex Gillett on a run as he is trying to pass the ball.  He actually got to the air today for 144 yards.
Today marked the return of Dominique Sherrer after recovering from an injury.  This gives Eastern yet another threat in the backfield.
Dominique White during a run.
Western Running Back Antoin Scriven getting tackled by Bryan Pali.
Western Quarterback Alex Carder handing the ball off.
Western attempting a field goal.  It was no good.
Javonti Greene running in for a touchdown after a pass from Gillett.
Western's Dervon Wallace during the kickoff return.  He actually bobbled the ball.
Carder attempting a pass.
Carder on the run.
Carder getting sacked.

Western Receiver Jordan White on the ground after missing a catch.

The Western punter again.
Sherrer during another run.
Carder running the ball again.
Fields receiving a handoff from Carder.
Fields after a catch.
The EMU band taking the field during halftime.  I think I say this all the time but this is one of the things I like about college football at the stadium.
The band was spelling Ypsi.
You can see it a little better here.
The team taking the field for the second half.
Tevin Drake running the ball in for a touchdown to tie the game at 7.
Nick Olds after a catch.  It was a pretty decent pass too.
Garrett Hoskins attempting to catch a ball that was thrown to Tacopants.
Another catch by Nick Olds.
Gillett attempting a pass.
I'm not sure who this is getting tackled.
Marlon Pollard during a run back after another punt.
Javonti Greene breaking loose from the pile as he could go....all...
...the way.  And this was right after Western kicked a field goal to go up 10-7.
Western's Wide Receiver just before a catch.
And this was the key moment of the game as Eastern stopped Western at the 1 yard line.
The defense running off the field after the stop.  Although the refs had to make sure.
The band going wild.
Swoop watching the end of the game.
And my favorite formation when I see one of my favorite teams perform it, the Victory formation.  Eastern would hold on to win 14-10.

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